RealWorld® Simulations - RealWorld 2.1

Geospecific Simulation Creation

Choose a location, quickly create it, then play out an individual or team scenario in a realistic, fully immersive, simulation environment.  The RealWorld operation rehearsal prototype was created by Intific for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and delivered in July 2011.  RealWorld operation rehearsal software drastically reduced the time and cost of simulation creation for planning, operation rehearsal, training, and location familiarization. 

The RealWorld software toolkit was designed and built to enable any computer user to create an immersive 3D simulation of a geo-specific location.  The RealWorld Builder is the editing environment where the terrain is created and the scene is populated with buildings, roads, people, plants, and anything else that the simulation needs.  The RealWorld Object Creator allows a user to quickly create a simulated object.  The RealWorld Ground Synthetic Environment is where the simulated scenario is played out in either single or multiplayer mode.


Quick overview of the RealWorld simulation toolkit terrain system.