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Intific – Build What's Next

Intific is on a constant quest to deliver what’s next in the world of software. We have a unique group of technologists with a broad range of expertise including computer simulation, animation, human-machine interaction, robotics, neuroscience, education, visualization, gaming, artificial intelligence, and networking. We use our breadth of knowledge to create customized solutions that enable our customers to realize their software product vision. Our goal is to build and deliver effective software that is both technologically aggressive and built upon a rigorous scientific and engineering foundation.

Intific offers a wide range of products including desktop trainers, high fidelity man-in-the-loop system simulations, instructional/educational software, neuroscience tools, software development services, and custom simulation services.

  • What's next in Immersive Simulation - Our RealWorld® Simulations deliver unparalleled accuracy and realism for whatever your needs might be.
  • What's next in Desktop Training - Our solutions combine high fidelity emulation software with commodity hardware to deliver highly effective, scalable, cost effective training solutions.
  • What's next in Education - Our work is focused on bringing the benefits of the engagement of videogames, ubiquitous content delivery, and emerging research to advance traditional learning.
  • What's next in Neuroscience - The RealWorld NeuroBridge™ brings modern simultation tools into a true scientific frontier.

Our mission is to innovate, exploit cutting edge research, and create technology solutions to build what’s next.

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